A get together   party was arranged in the honor of Principal DPS Lt.Col.(R) Muhammad Adeel on  completing his 10 year service in DPS & College Kasur. The school auditorium was beautifully decorated with charts, buntings, flowers and placards. The main table, on which the Principal and all H.M’s of Schools were to sit, was beautifully decorated with flowerpots.

The ceremony started with recitation of Holy Quran (By Hafiz Manzoor) and then Naat was recited (By Mr.Sohaib).

Then Mr. Javaid Akbar headmaster Boys Wing DPS was called on the dice to share his views; he said, I have no doubt on my mind to say that respected sir you are an achiever, open-minded, generous, knowledgeable, modest, tolerant, courageous, responsible and highly respected principal. Apart from the decision making, communication and overall professionalism, the most important thing that we have learnt from you is how to be good human beings.

Then Mr.Ghulam Ali Teacher boy’s wing sang a melodious song.

Next Mr.Muhammad Ayub Sheikh (Deputy H.M) was called on the dice to say a few words, he said, Sir Congratulations on your milestone achievement. You’ve shown hard work and determination. You deserve this recognition for your success.

Next Mr.Shoaib Teacher Boys Wing sang a beautiful Punjabi Sufi Kalam.

Then the Mr.Jahangir Chopra Admin Officer DPS was called on the dice to say a few words, he said, I would like to thank Principal sir for being so understanding and supportive. And thank you for being an approachable individual as I could always rush to you in moments of despair. Like he is the umbrella of this institution, I would also like to share that our principal is also one of the kindest personality.

After this Information Technology Department of DPS presented a documentary on 10 year journey of Lt.Col.(R) Muhammad Adeel in DPS & College Kasur.

Then Principal DPS Lt.Col.(R) Muhammad Adeel was invited on the stage and welcome bouquet presented by Muhammad Imran Maqbool, Ghulam Murtaza and Muhammad Aslam Joya,Ghulam Ali.

A special gift from staff was presented by Abdul Razaq, Muhammad Ayub, Abdul Rehman, Haji Ejaz and Yasir Islam.

Then, all headmistress (Ms.Samina ,Ms.Najam-un-Nisa, Ms Fozia Nadeem, Ms. Nafees Nasir) of DPS presented a  Special gift to Principal DPS Lt.Col.(R) Muhammad Adeel.

 Then at the end principal of the school was called on the dice to say a few words to DPS Staff.

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