Chairman's Message

With the fact that Islam is a universal religion, we happen to grab legion principles having universal appeal; among them the pinnacle one is the character building and man-management. There is no denunciation of the fact that District Public School and Bulleh Shah Degree College, Kasur seems to pursue the foregoing principles with master-mind planning and dynamic hands.
Being District Coordinator, albeit I am attached to multi-pronged tasks to execute within the purview of my District, hitherto I take multiple pounds of pride in confessing that I feel valued and blessed to be the guardian of this institution that is vouchsafing / rending nobler services of immense vitality.
The launching of Islamic Thematic Montessori Education System in an easy accessible way, is a worth appreciating effort. This time again DPS has proved that it is aiming not merely to inculcate valuable qualification rather delving into modern and innovative ways to nurture and foster the variegated needs of an individual. No doubt, the institution is impressing upon minds with the alluminous halo of its modernity and diligence. May this institution be the cynosure of generations across the world for its outstanding work and tremendous en product. May Allah be with it. (Ameen)
Mr.Fayyaz Ahmad Mohal
DC, Kasur / Chairman
DPS & College,

Principal's Message

Education is not merely teaching and explaining text to the students. It is in fact having much wider boundaries encompassing teaching, grooming, motivating and imbibing high standards of character in the students. Education must bring change in the behaviour of the taught which is ultimate goal of all curricular and co-curricular activities in any educational institution. Therefore, a teacher must possess very fine knowledge of his/her subject accompanied by excellent moral standards. Society is the reflection of teachers' character as he acts as mentor of the whole society. We at DPS & Bulleh Shah Degree College, Kasur are committed to provide world class education to our students. we strive to build an institution of learning where the top talent of Kasur is attracted, groomed and developed to take the leading positions in the country.
Present era is the era of fast development and innovative technologies, hence we need to understand today's scenario clearly and impart the skills needed to meet tomorrow's challenge. Therefore, teaching community has to work with more commitment, spirit and zeal to prepare and guide the nation to have a dignified place in the comity of nations in the days to come.
Best wishes for the alma mater.
Yours Sincerely,
Lt.Col(R )Muhammad Adeel
DPS & College,

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